My Best Friend

I knew you would be my first and genuine best friend when you sat next to me and held my hand on a filthy club bathroom floor after I had too much to drink. The many nights and holidays you would prepare my meals so my children and I could enjoy homecooked meals because I never learned how to cook. You always encouraged me to believe in myself when I doubted my talents. Because I had no other family besides my children, you would tell me it didn’t matter because I was your sister, and your love made up for everyone not present. When I would cry, you would cry with me. When I wanted to give up, you would never allow me. I will never forget you making me your famous homemade chicken soup when I was sick. You were my lighthouse during the dark times of my life. I will never forget it: my one and only true best friend. I hope you know I truly love you as a friend, best friend, and sister.

May You Rest in Peace