Take A Drive

I awoke one morning with the need to drive because my mind was wandering like endless time. I didn’t remember cranking up my car. However, once I awaken from my state. I was driving through my neighborhood at a slow pace. Afterward, I realized I had turned onto the streets close to where I stay driving ten miles per hour over the limit according to the rules our society put in place. As I began feeling anger, I was thankful I didn’t see blue lights flashing in my face because I was on the highway driving like I was in a race. I’m not sure of the amount of time that had gone by when I awoke this morning with the yearning to drive in my endless state. But when the sun began shinning in my face. A sense of peace suddenly ran through my veins like nourishment given through a bag at a medical place. I started feeling a sense of happiness that caused me to park my car. While I welcomed the hugs from my loving creator as he planted kisses all over my face.

In life, there will be times when you will feel lost. There will be times when you feel angry. So, take that drive when seeking endless days of quiet time. You will be surprised by what you find during that time.

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Love, Live and Laugh

Have you heard the saying? You are as old as you feel. But what happens when your body tells you otherwise. Instead of using the term, you are as old as you feel. Try forgetting how old you are for a day and live as if you have no idea how old you are. Scholars say the prime of our lives comes at various stages. They never said your life is over. What if the prime of our lives was a time you could make a wish upon a star, and it would come true. For what would you wish? Would you wish for the days when negative obstacles weren’t a part of your life? Would you wish for the opportunity to pretend buttholes or the COVID was never created? When you no longer use your imagination to see different shapes in the clouds, when you stop dreaming, or when you no longer wish upon a star. Not only will you feel old. Your body will start behaving old. Enjoy life!! LOVE, LIVE, and Laugh.

Life Journey

Life is too short to wake up with regrets and allow anger to control our lives. Love the people who appreciate you for who you are and treat you with respect. And forgive and forget those individuals that don’t. There will be doors of all types of opportunities that will present themselves to you. Be careful because not all open doors are beneficial, and some closed doors should remain close for a good reason. Nobody ever said that our life journey would be easy. But it has been proven there’s a reward awaiting all of us when we reach our destination.

Stop ignoring the inevitable

When I rose surrounded by darkness at first, I couldn’t remember why. Then suddenly a strange smell triggered a memory that made me want to cry. I remembered the words that you once shared when you had me in a corner scared to breathe air. “Roses are red, and violets are blue but so are your bruises and your lips that I constantly give you. The elderly believe that love is blind, but hatred has been around since the beginning of time. So how can we tell the difference when they both were created with the same emphasis. But nevertheless, I would like to thank the foolish for ignoring your screams as I beat you senseless and the passerby’s that looked in the window but suddenly turned their heads because they didn’t want to be a witness. And the worst of them all are the holy rollers that are quick to lay hands during morning prayer. But while in church they laughed at an emoji being shared. And the so-called rules to keep me away or the very same rules that allow me to stay”. These are the words I will always hear. Instead of the words, I love you, dear. As I lay in the darkness one thing has become clear. I will forever spend eternity in a box you built.

Stop ignoring the inevitable and do what is right!!!!!

Love Begins

As I sat at the kitchen table, drinking my morning coffee for the day, I watched through my window the season of fall materialize right in front of my face. As the orange, brown, and yellow leaves appeared to be dancing in the morning breeze. I suddenly felt warm and sympathetic arms wrap around me. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should turn to see who was standing right beside me. But the curiosity was burning a hole right through me. As I turned to the left and then to the right. I suddenly realized there was no one in sight. Then suddenly the arms began to squeeze me tight. But as I began feeling a familiar voice getting ready to erupt through me. I realized at that time the arms belonged to me. So, I began to relax with loving ease.

In life when you feel alone remember the love begins within your body and soul, also known as HOME!

Follow Your Instincts

If you think back on your instincts and not others. You will see that most of your best decisions were due to your personal knowledge and wisdom.  Recall the satisfaction you felt when exceeding your expectations and the way it inspired you to aim high. Never settle for others’ opinions about your greatness. When you know your own worth nothing else matters.

How do you know when you are infected with a Parasite?

A parasite is a symbiotic relationship between species. One being an organism and the other a host. The parasite will attach itself to a host. Afterward causing harm to a person’s body, mind, and spirit. Does that sound like someone you know? Maybe a friend, family member, co-worker, spouse, or lover. A parasite will knowingly and purposely feed off everything that defines who you are. Your happiness, joy, love, peace, desires, goals, dreams, and your purpose in life until nothing of you is left.

Are there symptoms? Yes!!

1.       Selfishness: Parasites are selfish, and their selfishness will cause you to become selfish towards yourself.

2.       Uncaring: Parasite are uncaring. Their uncaring nature will cause you to start neglecting yourself.

3.       Not Active Listeners: Parasite will never listen to your dreams or goals. Which will eventually, cause you to lose confidence in yourself.

4.       Not Understanding: Parasites will never understand your problems because it’s not their problem. Eventually, you will become unfocused on your problems and your problems will never get resolved.

5.       Not Compassionate: Parasites don’t relate to sympathy or empathy. Eventually, you will lose hope.

Is there a cure? Yes!!

After reading and understanding the symptoms. Reevaluating your LIFE!!! is the cure. “Let’s Stand Strong”!!!

What Makes You Great?

Many of us live in the shadows of our parents, family members, friends, and our spouse. For some, they live in the shadows of their favorite actor or artist. But have you ever asked yourself what makes you great? Often we get so caught up in walking in someone else shoes. We forget our shoe size. We all have our personal inner and outer greatness. We have to believe in ourselves. It’s not the job of others to make you feel useful; that’s a false perception of what they may truly feel. Because there are people in this world that want to see you fail, there’s only one way to become a leader, legacy, and inspiration to others. And that’s believing in yourself. You are only worthless if you think you are?

When we see with our eyes

Ask yourself when you see a homeless person standing at the light with a sign before you roll up your window or turn your head hoping they haven’t noticed you looking in their direction. Where would you be if our creator had done the same thing to you? Better yet, what if that was our creator and he was evaluating your heart. How often do we hear people say, I don’t judge people, or I will support you through it all? But these are the same people that will roll up their window when they see a homeless person standing on the corner. These are the same people who say I don’t give homeless people money because they will buy drugs. That sounds like judgment, and where is the support. When you have genuine love in your heart, you don’t see through your own eyes but through the eyes you were blessed to have.

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Unfilled Potential

Consult not your fears, but your hopes and dreams. Think not about your frustrations because that will cause you to lose focus. Your focus should be on your unfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you failed in, the what-ifs, and the cannot. But with what is still possible for you to do.