I’ve always been a fan of Halloween but not for Reese’s peanut butter cups, the Snickers bars, or the chocolate-covered peanuts. Not even for the scary customs or haunted houses. But for the opportunity to see the real monsters that don’t go bump in the night, but the ones in plain sight. And I’m not referring to the copycat version of Michael Myer’s, Freddy Krueger’s, or the Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky. But the selfish, the irresponsible, the prejudiced, the uncaring, the unsympathetic, and the uncompassionate.

These are your neighbors that borrow cups of sugar and never return your cups. The co-workers and the supervisor who greet you with a smile on their face but would never invite you to their house to meet their loving Kate. The church members who offer to pray over you and your family, but are secretly praying that you don’t receive God’s grace. The friends and family members that bow their heads at your dinner table, but they are really trying to figure out how to steal your grandmother’s silver and gold plates. The strangers that like your photos and leave comments on your platforms while hiding behind their computers screens in their private homes viewing your content with a look of disgust on their faces.

So, the next time you hear a bump during the night, or if you hear something rumbling in your closet in the dead of the night, even if you hear something shuffling under your bed to be hidden out of sight. Don’t be alarmed because the real monsters don’t appear in the night. The real monsters are the ones in plain sight. Be careful who you call a friend they just might be that monster that’s been trying to come in!!!!!!

Be A Hero

It was going on midnight as I sat in the crowded parking lot of Walmart in my 2010 Chevy Impala. Watching the countless individuals walking in and out of the jaws of the sliding doors. The Walmart greeters either smiled or nodded their heads as a form of communication to thank them for choosing to shop at Walmart. I wondered how many of them were unhappy, how many were struggling with similar issues to mine, and how many felt their life was falling into dozens of small pieces that couldn’t be put back together. Each day brought more problems, and each night brought more pain. I wondered where the heroes that were fasters than a speeding bullet and quicker than the speed of light were. Or the millionaires during the day and the crusaders at night. All this played like a movie in my mind as the tears filled my eyes and showered down my face. Suddenly, the voices that were once inaudible in the beginning were now close enough to my ears that I could hear them mocking me for thinking I was needed, I was wanted, or that I would be loved one day. As my lungs filled with loneliness, despair, and hopelessness. I screamed to be left alone to unseen enemies as I begged for help and looked toward the Walmart crowd. No one looked my way, and their expression said it all. Not my problem!!! As I began feeling like I should admit defeat. I began believing I wasn’t needed, I wasn’t wanted, or I wasn’t loved and would never be. My hero suddenly appeared. I didn’t see his face, but I heard power in his voice. His voice made my enemies flee as they shrieked and cried in pain. Suddenly my lungs began to fill with love. I no longer felt a sense of loneliness and despair. Because I didn’t see his face at first, I thought it might have been a Walmart customer. Then I realized it wasn’t; afterward, I thought it was one of the Walmart greeters, but I was again wrong. But when my eyes began to focus as my tears began to dry up. I saw it wasn’t superman, and it wasn’t Batman either. But it was God who told me that you are never alone, even when you don’t see me. Just look down, and you will see one set of footprints, mine because you are being carried by me, not by man. I will never forsake you,

So, when all hope is lost and when you think your life is over, you’re not alone!!! And for those who have their own beliefs. Suicide, depression, and anxiety are some of the enemies that many people face every day. Don’t turn your back on people that are looking for a hero. You can be that very person that saves someone’s life.

When we see with our eyes

Ask yourself when you see a homeless person standing at the light with a sign before you roll up your window or turn your head hoping they haven’t noticed you looking in their direction. Where would you be if our creator had done the same thing to you? Better yet, what if that was our creator and he was evaluating your heart. How often do we hear people say, I don’t judge people, or I will support you through it all? But these are the same people that will roll up their window when they see a homeless person standing on the corner. These are the same people who say I don’t give homeless people money because they will buy drugs. That sounds like judgment, and where is the support. When you have genuine love in your heart, you don’t see through your own eyes but through the eyes you were blessed to have.

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Who Am I?

I remember sitting on the bay window in my parent’s kitchen as a little girl. Looking at the ocean falling from the sky. Confused about who I was or why I was. I tried fitting in with the popular crowd, the not-so-popular crowd, the nerdy crowd, the lost crowd, and the forgotten crowd. But in the end, I still had not found the answer to who I was or why I was. I asked my parents, my grandparents, my uncles, aunts, even friends. But still, in the end, I still had not found the answer to who I was or why I was. As I continued to look out the window suddenly a dove appeared. The dove began to speak, “You are who I created you to be, and your purpose was already decided when I created you. You were not created to fit in with the popular crowd, the not-so-popular crowd, the nerdy crowd, the lost crowd, or the forgotten crowd. You were created to be you. You were not created to seek advice from your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, or friends to find out who you are or why you were. Because they played no role in the decision. And as for why you were. Your purpose is to praise, worship, proclaim greatness, and to accomplish my will.” Be proud of the person you are because no other person will hold up to your greatness because your greatness was your personal gift to you!!! The positive people you come across in life regardless if it’s long term or temporary. They will only add value to your greatness.

#yourgreatness, #lovingyourself, #youhaveapurpose

Understanding Mental Illness

Mental Illness is defined as a  mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder that can affect functional impairment, which substantially interferes with one or more major activities in a person’s life. A lot of people are unaware mental Illnesses have been common in the United States, as well as other countries for many years. But because some people refuse to educate themselves. They pass judgment and become bias towards individuals that were diagnosed, which they then plant a negative seed in the mind of others. And because we live in a society where people don’t educate themselves on issues that impact society negatively. They proceed to follow the ideas of other people. Now there are hundreds of people planting seeds that are growing into full-blown judgment, bias, and hatred. Now some individuals might see themselves as awful people or a person that can’t be loved because of their disorder. People let’s start educating ourselves and stop depending on people to educate us. If you ask me there are tons of people with a mental illness and it’s called a hatred disorder. The only cure is educating yourself on your own fears.

Reject Resentment

Wallowing in resentment is absurd. It’s like punishing yourself and expecting someone else to suffer. If someone forces you to hold a grudge, then they have conquered you. Don’t let resentment get between you and living.

What Do You Have Plan?

There is a pleasure that occurs within us as we journey the different structures of the paths we travel deep within the abyss of the woods. There’s no understanding of loneliness, pain, suffering, or unhappiness. There’s only the warmth of joy and love. The troubles of the world and the negativity that surrounds us no longer exist. If you listen with your heart and soul, you can hear the trees and the falling branches singing you the most beautiful song you can only hear when you open your mind and the imagination that’s hidden deep inside. And then and only then will you see the flowers dancing near your feet and the birds dancing in the air. We only have one life to live, no returns, and no exchanges. So, what do you plan to do with the time you have right now?

Think Laterally

I was told by a smart woman one day, my grandmother (lol). That people should employ both sides of their brain. We should connect our imagination to our reasoning. While, gathering information and using our intelligence. Afterwards, we should then consider things creatively, break away from analysis/ judgement, and move into our personal dream world. What I took from that. Sometimes nothing happens unless we dream it first.

Take Control

There are several types of pain: physical, emotional, and sympathetic pain we experience from others. Some may believe or feel, the worse pain of all is emotional. But any form of pain can affect people mentally or physically. When pain begins to enable you to sleep, eat, or enjoy life. Fight back with all you have within. Pain will not last forever. You have to believe that your pain will not win, and it will not conquer. The impossible is always possible when you believe in yourself and love yourself. Don’t allow the pain to take control………