Conquer Stress

There’s two types of stress negative and positive. Negative stress is toxic, it can affect your health, your life, and your lifestyle without the proper methods and strategies that will allow you the ability to control your negative stress. Stress is also intensified by inactivity. You can change what you can. However, accept what you can’t because somethings are out of our control. Learn to distinguish between the two. Often just taking action will alleviate stress. I know from experience it’s often easier said than done, but it’s just as doable.

Play with your Ideas

When you come up with a concept, evaluate it. Challenge it, embellish it, and expand it. If you can use it immediately, do so. If you can combine it with others, do so. But if not, don’t reject or discard it. Record it and let it lie idle. Many ideas have second and third lives.

A Hug

A hug has been a nonverbal communication that hold value for many years. For some individuals, a hug is an addiction. We are residing in a time that has made it impossible to give hugs. But we also reside in a time where hugs are needed!!! As well as love. We may not be able to hug everyone physically, but we live in a world of creativity. Lets make a hug happen!!!

Learn Something New Every day!

Everyday, we should all learn something new. We were all created with personal talents, creativity, and gifts that was meant to be utilized and shared with others. Always question the ordinary and always allow new things to enter your conscious from self and others. Especially if the new ideas and creations can make positive changes that can make a difference. New ideas are opportunities that can make dreams come true.

Do Your Best

How often do we hear it from others, which force us to start saying it to ourselves? Not because it’s the best for you, but your best is based off what others think of you. How often we promise to do better not because we want to do better. But because others tell us we are not. When we use our own efforts then and only then will we push through boundaries. The satisfaction is enormous when we believe in ourselves. Not the person others are trying to make us be. The rewards are much greater when you do your best, for you. Not someone else. Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.

Never Look Back

Regret can be a heavy burden to bare: a mournful milestone that weighs you down. It will blur your focus and cause you to mourn for something that cannot be changed. Regret is an endlessly record that causes you to constantly remember your negative experiences or negative situations. Free yourself from the glooms of the past events. Seek the light, seek inspiration, seek motivation, seek determination and walk towards a better future.

Make the Most of You

Always strive to leave things better than they were before. Make a theme in your approach to life. In order to set yourself apart from those satisfied with the status quo; from those who surf along with the crowd; and from those who lack the imagination to aim for greatness.