Violence is the Enemy

Violence is the enemy gaining victory over the lost.

Violence is a mother or father shedding tears over a lifetime.

Violence is the fear that keeps us from enjoying life to the fullest.

Violence stops our children from playing hide-n-seek when the sun goes down in the month of June.

Violence stops grandparents from being called nana or papa.

Violence stops a romantic from finding his or her soulmate.

What does Violence look like to you?

Let Us Work Together to Stop the Violence!


Passing judgment on others was never bestowed upon us. Remember the saying, let anyone without sin be the first to cast a stone, yet every day, people look for things to spread about others regardless of who it may affect. How far has our society fallen when people find it ok to judge and hurt. Is there no love left in this world? We were created to lift the fallen, restore the broken, and heal the hurting. Not cause people and their friends and families pain and suffering. Stop Hurting, Stop Judging, and more importantly, let us stop the Violence. It’s easier to love than it is to hate.

#love, #stopthehate, #nomoreviolence

Recharge Your Battery

We often get so caught up in everyday life we forget to recharge. Take the time for a walk along the beach or a park. Enjoy time with your pet or pets. Browse a bookstore and surprise yourself by reading a book you usually wouldn’t read. Catch a funny movie at the theatre or in your home while relaxing on your couch. Laugh with family or friends.

FYI, it doesn’t take long to become burnt out.

Taking Care of Self

Taking care of yourself goes beyond eating healthy, exercising daily, going to all your annual checkups, or getting the proper amount of sleep. But taking care of you also includes taking care of your mental health. We all experience struggles, tragedies, and emotional pain that can put us in a dark place, cause us to behave out of character, or negatively force us to act out.

Can others emphasize or sympathize? “Yes,” because we all understand what it means to struggle or experience emotional pain. Either through personal experience or what we witness from others. However, everyone experiences struggles, tragedies, and emotional pain differently because we are not the same mentally, physically, or spiritually.

But did you know the very people that we love and trust? Can be the very people who trigger unwanted emotions, not knowingly? I’m not saying the people close to you are not your biggest supporter. But what I am saying is we can also benefit from becoming mentally healthy with no one’s help but our very own.

Our most prominent supporter, in the end, is ourselves.
Therapy works, don’t be afraid to lay on a couch. It will bring peace of mind.

Holiday Traditions

We live in a society that has been enslaved by old family traditions for the holidays. However, it doesn’t hold the same values and purpose it did for our ancestors. In the past and previous years’ Thanksgiving and Christmas, celebrations have become commercialized. Companies and private owners are making billions of dollars each year.

We stand in long lines in department stores to pick out gifts for people we are not fond of because we participated in secret Santa on the job. Now we have to spend between $20-$50 dollars on a gift. We prepare holiday dinners or hire chefs to prepare the perfect meal for people we normally wouldn’t invite for dinner any other time of the year. We spend our last penny on gifts before paying a past-due bill. When most gifts will be returned in 24-48 hours, broken in less than a week, or collected dust in the closet until it rewrap next year and given back to you or someone else.

Let’s create new holiday traditions that can be passed down from one generation to the next. The holiday season is the perfect time to create holiday moments that will hold value and have a purpose. Creating new traditions allows others to see your creative sparks. Your virtuosity will open doors in others’ imagination and a new tradition in their family will be born. No more standing in the long lines and causing others to become richer while we struggle to pay bills.

My creative juices involved staying home, watching it’s a wonderful life, Christmas story, and the Christmas carol. While eating popcorn with the family and face painting in between.

How did you and your family create new moments?

It’s Ok to Love Yourself

How often has someone called you their baby or their boo? Afterward, they treat you like a whore or their tool. How often has someone called you sexy or handsome, but later you are told you need to lose weight or maybe you can enlarge your chest muscle or your breast. How often has someone asked you to be their husband or their wife, but later they treat you as the number one enemy invading their space? How many of you have been told by someone you knew or know that when someone truly loves you, they will show you more than they will to your face. But later in life, we will meet people during our journey to find the perfect soulmate. They have no problem showing or telling us because those three words can be fake. You must first learn to love yourself. It’s nothing wrong with wanting to be loved the same way you would love yourself. Appreciate wanting that type of love. True love is a blessing from GOD.

Take A Drive

I awoke one morning with the need to drive because my mind was wandering like endless time. I didn’t remember cranking up my car. However, once I awaken from my state. I was driving through my neighborhood at a slow pace. Afterward, I realized I had turned onto the streets close to where I stay driving ten miles per hour over the limit according to the rules our society put in place. As I began feeling anger, I was thankful I didn’t see blue lights flashing in my face because I was on the highway driving like I was in a race. I’m not sure of the amount of time that had gone by when I awoke this morning with the yearning to drive in my endless state. But when the sun began shinning in my face. A sense of peace suddenly ran through my veins like nourishment given through a bag at a medical place. I started feeling a sense of happiness that caused me to park my car. While I welcomed the hugs from my loving creator as he planted kisses all over my face.

In life, there will be times when you will feel lost. There will be times when you feel angry. So, take that drive when seeking endless days of quiet time. You will be surprised by what you find during that time.

#seekhappiness, #behappy, #findpeace, #quiettime, #ourcreator

Love, Live and Laugh

Have you heard the saying? You are as old as you feel. But what happens when your body tells you otherwise. Instead of using the term, you are as old as you feel. Try forgetting how old you are for a day and live as if you have no idea how old you are. Scholars say the prime of our lives comes at various stages. They never said your life is over. What if the prime of our lives was a time you could make a wish upon a star, and it would come true. For what would you wish? Would you wish for the days when negative obstacles weren’t a part of your life? Would you wish for the opportunity to pretend buttholes or the COVID was never created? When you no longer use your imagination to see different shapes in the clouds, when you stop dreaming, or when you no longer wish upon a star. Not only will you feel old. Your body will start behaving old. Enjoy life!! LOVE, LIVE, and Laugh.

Life Journey

Life is too short to wake up with regrets and allow anger to control our lives. Love the people who appreciate you for who you are and treat you with respect. And forgive and forget those individuals that don’t. There will be doors of all types of opportunities that will present themselves to you. Be careful because not all open doors are beneficial, and some closed doors should remain close for a good reason. Nobody ever said that our life journey would be easy. But it has been proven there’s a reward awaiting all of us when we reach our destination.