The beginning of the year is when many people will develop new resolutions. For some people, it may be to start a new family, a career change, or buy a new home. For others, it may be to lose weight, spend more time with family and friends, or travel the world. Whatever you decide, you want your new year’s resolution to be. Remember to believe in yourself, ignore negativity, and remain focused and positive. Some people will be against your dreams, goals, values, and passions, for those who are against you. Politely shove them out of your life. Start your new year with unconditional love, forgiveness, peace, and joy. And spread as much happiness as you can.

My Best Friend

I knew you would be my first and genuine best friend when you sat next to me and held my hand on a filthy club bathroom floor after I had too much to drink. The many nights and holidays you would prepare my meals so my children and I could enjoy homecooked meals because I never learned how to cook. You always encouraged me to believe in myself when I doubted my talents. Because I had no other family besides my children, you would tell me it didn’t matter because I was your sister, and your love made up for everyone not present. When I would cry, you would cry with me. When I wanted to give up, you would never allow me. I will never forget you making me your famous homemade chicken soup when I was sick. You were my lighthouse during the dark times of my life. I will never forget it: my one and only true best friend. I hope you know I truly love you as a friend, best friend, and sister.

May You Rest in Peace

Be Friend A Stranger

Take a walk in someone else’s shoes; only then can you open your mind and widen your focus on a reality different from what you thought you knew. You might even discover you are not the understanding person you wanted everyone else to see but the opposite of what everyone else had seen.

Your Potential Is Limitless

Don’t limit yourself; you have the potential to do whatever you put your mind to. We often hold ourselves back from reaching our potential, so stop blaming others and do the work needed to flourish. It’s ok to be scared, but don’t let your fears cause you not to thrive. Turn your fears into empowerment.

Take A Step Back

When problems become overwhelming, take a step back. Take a walk, read a book, enjoy a movie, or sleep on it. We tend to overthink it when we need to think things through. There will be circumstances and situations that will be out of our control. Resolving problems on an impulse sometimes ends unsuccessfully.

Your Inner Leader

We each have the potential to lead. For some of us, it comes naturally. For others, it’s triggered when we become parents, a spouse, grandparents, during employment, or when unexpected tragedies or events occur; regardless of how your inner leader surfaces, believe in yourself and let the inner leader be in charge.

Embrace Who You Are!

Be yourself and let everyone see the genuine, imperfect, flawed, silly, unique, and beautiful person you are. No matter your differences, embrace them and be proud of who you are. Being different is one of the most beautiful things in the world; it’s your unique gift.

And remember, never apologize for being, loving, or embracing you. There comes a time in your life you need to embrace who you are, or you will end up condemning yourself to be miserable by trying to live according to someone else’s version of you.

Misery loves company, don’t become a victim!

Past Mistakes

Too often, we rush through life only to realize we forgot yesterday. What’s life if we learned nothing from our past? To enjoy what lies ahead in our future. Take the time to understand the trivia we experienced in our past. Understanding our past struggles will prevent us from making the same mistakes in the future.


Often we become so distracted by how others judge us. We sometimes begin judging ourselves, which causes our standards to no longer be our own. If you don’t pay close attention, you can become a living puppet to a stranger. Cut the strings before you become too entangled. Live the life that you envision for yourself. However, make sure you set your standards based on honesty and without delusions. If your standards include a five-star quality of life, so what? Setting your standards allows you to care less about what others think because you will already know that you live well enough according to the standards you set for yourself.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Due to the unforeseen adverse circumstances that have taken place in our country over the past couple of years. Many people have been pushed into shallowness, and the fears of the unknown have driven some people into madness. Due to the circumstances, many of their behavior is within the norm. However, others are making unhealthy decisions due to faulty impulses. Take the time to reflect to put things into perceptive. Regret is a heavy burden on the heart, mind, body, and spirit, often taking place when decisions are made due to faulty thinking. Acting out on an impulse will not heal the pain or mend the wounds. Our country needs people that seek to make a difference. Be the legacy that will make this world a better future for others. Gratification allows us to have peace of mind and heal wounds.