Holiday Traditions

We live in a society that has been enslaved by old family traditions for the holidays. However, it doesn’t hold the same values and purpose it did for our ancestors. In the past and previous years’ Thanksgiving and Christmas, celebrations have become commercialized. Companies and private owners are making billions of dollars each year.

We stand in long lines in department stores to pick out gifts for people we are not fond of because we participated in secret Santa on the job. Now we have to spend between $20-$50 dollars on a gift. We prepare holiday dinners or hire chefs to prepare the perfect meal for people we normally wouldn’t invite for dinner any other time of the year. We spend our last penny on gifts before paying a past-due bill. When most gifts will be returned in 24-48 hours, broken in less than a week, or collected dust in the closet until it rewrap next year and given back to you or someone else.

Let’s create new holiday traditions that can be passed down from one generation to the next. The holiday season is the perfect time to create holiday moments that will hold value and have a purpose. Creating new traditions allows others to see your creative sparks. Your virtuosity will open doors in others’ imagination and a new tradition in their family will be born. No more standing in the long lines and causing others to become richer while we struggle to pay bills.

My creative juices involved staying home, watching it’s a wonderful life, Christmas story, and the Christmas carol. While eating popcorn with the family and face painting in between.

How did you and your family create new moments?

Published by: Danyell

Sometimes our perception will differ from the opinions of the majority, but that doesn’t make it wrong. Our perceptions are formed from our own personal experiences, values, and knowledge. When you get a proper perspective of your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place.

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