Love, Live and Laugh

Have you heard the saying? You are as old as you feel. But what happens when your body tells you otherwise. Instead of using the term, you are as old as you feel. Try forgetting how old you are for a day and live as if you have no idea how old you are. Scholars say the prime of our lives comes at various stages. They never said your life is over. What if the prime of our lives was a time you could make a wish upon a star, and it would come true. For what would you wish? Would you wish for the days when negative obstacles weren’t a part of your life? Would you wish for the opportunity to pretend buttholes or the COVID was never created? When you no longer use your imagination to see different shapes in the clouds, when you stop dreaming, or when you no longer wish upon a star. Not only will you feel old. Your body will start behaving old. Enjoy life!! LOVE, LIVE, and Laugh.

Published by: Danyell

Sometimes our perception will differ from the opinions of the majority, but that doesn’t make it wrong. Our perceptions are formed from our own personal experiences, values, and knowledge. When you get a proper perspective of your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place.

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