When we see with our eyes

Ask yourself when you see a homeless person standing at the light with a sign before you roll up your window or turn your head hoping they haven’t noticed you looking in their direction. Where would you be if our creator had done the same thing to you? Better yet, what if that was our creator and he was evaluating your heart. How often do we hear people say, I don’t judge people, or I will support you through it all? But these are the same people that will roll up their window when they see a homeless person standing on the corner. These are the same people who say I don’t give homeless people money because they will buy drugs. That sounds like judgment, and where is the support. When you have genuine love in your heart, you don’t see through your own eyes but through the eyes you were blessed to have.

#family, #togtherness, #love, #support, #blessings

8 thoughts on “When we see with our eyes

  1. Sorry I know this response is late, you mentioned in your post “the patriarchy did” if I’m not mistaken “patriarchy means a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it” If our society or government holds the power to exclude individuals. Then we are ruled by people that believe they hold the strings and they choose when and how we move through life.


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