What Do You Have Plan?

There is a pleasure that occurs within us as we journey the different structures of the paths we travel deep within the abyss of the woods. There’s no understanding of loneliness, pain, suffering, or unhappiness. There’s only the warmth of joy and love. The troubles of the world and the negativity that surrounds us no longer exist. If you listen with your heart and soul, you can hear the trees and the falling branches singing you the most beautiful song you can only hear when you open your mind and the imagination that’s hidden deep inside. And then and only then will you see the flowers dancing near your feet and the birds dancing in the air. We only have one life to live, no returns, and no exchanges. So, what do you plan to do with the time you have right now?

Published by: Danyell

Sometimes our perception will differ from the opinions of the majority, but that doesn’t make it wrong. Our perceptions are formed from our own personal experiences, values, and knowledge. When you get a proper perspective of your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place.

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4 thoughts on “What Do You Have Plan?”

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    1. Thank you and please thank your wife as well for taking the time to even look at my blogs. I’m truly grateful. When I write it comes from deep within and with a purpose. I will also check out your site. I truly people that we should support each other in life.


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